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Open Access in the Horizon 2020 Programme

Provision of access to publication outputs in the Open Access mode is obligatory for projects funded from the Horizon 2020 programme! The beneficiaries must ensure online access to their publications as soon as possible, including the right to read, download and print. This obligation refers in particular to articles; however, it is recommendable for other publication outputs (books, conference proceedings, etc.) to ensure their free accessibility.

Provision of access to publication results should include the following two steps:

Step 1 — Self-archiving involves the obligation to enter either the published version of the articleor the postprint (the final version of an article accepted for publication) into the digital repository of research publications regardless of the fact whether the article has been published before in an open access journal or not. The article has to be deposited no later than alongside its publication. In addition to the full text of the article, research data necessary for the validation of the results presented in the text of the article must also be deposited. These data should also be entered into the so-called data repositories.

Step 2 — Ensuring Open Access refers to the provision of open access to peer-reviewed publications. For this purpose, the following two options may be chosen:

  • Publication of the full text of the document via an open repository
  • Publication of the full text of the document in a source journal, and that either by publishing the article in an open access journal, or, after paying the publication fee, in the so-called hybrid open access journal (a commercial journal which enables, after paying the publication fee, the publishing of the article in the Open Access mode)

Deposition of research data

The Horizon 2020 programme has been lately focusing also on provision of Open Access to research data produced within funded projects. Deposition of open access data has been supported by a pilot project. The participation in the pilot project is, unlike the open access provision to articles, voluntary, and shall not be taken into consideration during the assessment of individual projects.

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