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PlumX – Tool for Evaluating Research Impact

The PlumX service is a modern tool for evaluating the real impact of research.

PlumX allows you to:

  • clearly display the research activities of scientists, groups and the entire institution
  • track metrics of scientific research impact in five categories: citations, usage, mentions, captures and social media
  • add PlumX widgets to the institutional repository, researchers’ profiles, department websites, etc. If you are interested in displaying a widget to your university page, please contact us at We will cooperate with the administrator of your department’s website to immediately add the widget to your profile.

Furthermore, PlumX service allows you to:

  • use data obtained from other instruments which are already using (e.g. links to repository of publications)insert additional direct links detailing researcher’s activities (Researcher ID, ORCID, link to institutional website, etc.)visualize the relative influence of the researcher in a particular field.
  • a more detailed presentation of the PlumX service


If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask our staff:

PlumX service

Tel: +420 576 034 817

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