Tomas Bata University in Zlín

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For Public

Patrons can register at the lending desk on the 2nd floor. The registration for students and university staff is free of charge, they use their student’s / employee’s card or ISIC to use library services. The walk-in user will pay the registration fee (which is CZK 300 — annual fee and chip card fee) during the registration.

The Library is open to the public under the conditions laid down in the Library Rules.

What is available in the Library

The Library contains non-fiction literature only, related to specializations taught at TBU in particular. The Library collections also include university textbooks and diploma theses. Please check the Library catalogue for the literature you are looking for. Come to the Library to see what we have on offer.

What is not available in the Library

The TBU Library does not own or lend the following fiction books: Novels, short stories, artistic prose, poetry and theatrical plays. For this type of literature please refer to František Bartoš Regional Library in Zlín.

Non-registered users

Anyone can visit the Library for study purposes, no registration is required. Non-registered users may use the Library collections for reference in the Library only. No documents can be taken out of the Library without user registration.

PCs with internet access can be used only by registered users. There are computers reserved for the public in the 3rd floor. To access them, ask the librarian at the desk.

User registration in the Library

A citizen of the Czech Republic older than 15 years and entitled to enter into legal actions may become a Library user. In order to get registered, the users must present their identity card or any other certificate of identity (e.g. passport). Foreigners are required to present a residence permit for the Czech Republic and a passport.

Registration fee

The total amount of the registration fee for new users is CZK 300. The fee is paid on registration.

  • CZK 200 = for the reader’s card which serves as the Library pass and allows access to the Library.
  • CZK 100 = Library registration fee valid for one year from the registration date.

The reader’s card is non-returnable. If not lost, only a single payment for the card is required. The reader’s card is issued within 14 days, the Library services can be used immediately after the user has registered and paid the registration fee.

University alumni who register within 1 year of graduating get 3 years without paying the registration fee and have to pay only for the reader’s card.

Library services provided to registered users

  • Maximum loan limit for non-reference books (to be taken home) — 10 books
  • Maximum number of reserved books — 3 items at a time
  • Maximum number of inter-library loans made — 3 documents  at a time
  • Access to databases subscribed to by the Library provided from allocated computers — please contact the Library staff in charge
  • Copying and scanning services for the general public are offered on the third floor — please contact the Library staff in charge for more information
  • Wi-Fi — if you have your own laptop, you can connect via cable (please contact the librarian at the desk), or connect to Wi-Fi for the public (please contact the librarian at the lending desk on the 2nd floor for login details)
  • Users have to log in to the Library catalogue to gain access to their user accounts on-line (renewal, reservation, inter-library loan service)
  • Access to e-resources

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