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Freely Available Resources

Patent and Information Systems

Patent offices in various countries and international institutions active in this field provide access to their databases of patent documents free of charge. Thus, it is possible to conduct patent search in these systems, usually entirely free of charge.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Database of patent documents registered by the Patent and Trademark Office of the USA.
Resource type: Factual, multidisciplinary


World-wide database of patent documents accessible through the European Patent Office.
Producer: European Patent Office
Resource type: Factual, physics


Database of the German Patent and Trademark Office. Possibility to search according to the expertise of the users.
Producer: Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
Resource type: Factual, multidisciplinary

  Canadian Patents Database

National Canadian Patents Database
 Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Resource type: Factual, multidisciplinary

Industrial Property Digital Library

Collection of documents of the Japan Patent Office accessible through the Industrial Property Digital Library.
Producer: Japan Patent Office
Resource type: Factual, multidisciplinary

Industrial Property Office of the CR

Database of patent documents of the Industrial Property Office.
Producer: Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic
Resource type: Factual, multidisciplinary

The Global IP Reference Resource

Collection of databases of patent literature produced by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).
Producer: WIPO
Resource type: Factual, multidisciplinary

  Federal Institute of Industrial Property

The database provides access to patent documents for the territory of Russia.
Producer: Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks
Resource type: Factual, multidisciplinary

IP Australia

Databases accessible within the Intellectual Property Australia.
Producer: IP Australia
Resource type: Factual, multidisciplinary

  Intellectual Property Office

The system enables parallel search in a number of databases of many patent institutions.
Producer: Intellectual Property Office
Resource type: Factual, multidisciplinary

  Google Patents

Collection of patents accessible within services provided by the Google search engine.
Producer: Google
Resource type: Factual, multidisciplinary

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