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Author Identifiers

Author Identifiers

An author/scientist identifier is a unique code that uniquely identifies an author in a scientific environment. In the field of publishing scientific information, there are often difficulties in identifying their authors. The main problem addressed by author identifiers is ambiguity of author names. Ambiguities may be caused by frequently occurring names and surnames (e.g. John Smith) which make it difficult to distinguish between authors and correctly identify publications written by the relevant author. Author identifiers give you a way to reliably and unambiguously connect your name(s) with your work.

What are the advantages of author identifiers?

  • Your publications will be searchable by your name, regardless of the used version of the name and regardless of other authors whose name is identical to yours.
  • Make it easy for others (grant funders, other researchers etc.) to find your research output.
  • Ensure that your work is clearly attributed to you.

Author identifiers

ResearcherID/Publons and Scopus Author Id

Scopus and Web of Science databases use their specific author identifiers (Scopus = Scopus Author ID, Web of Science = ResearcherID/Publons). However, their use outside these databases is not widespread.


ORCID ID is an author identifier, which is used in the academic environment both on the part of databases (e.g. Web of Science), publishers (e.g. Elsevier) and also grant agencies (Wellcome Trust). Rector’s Decree RR/3/2019 states that each author employed at TBU in Zlín is required to have set an ORCID ID identifier for the purpose of reporting of the results of R&D and creative activities. The account is set up by the scientists themselves and it is provided free of charge.

Related TBU library services

  • Regular import of publications from WoS, Scopus to the ORCID (requires author’s permission)
  • Regular import of publications from WoS, Scopus to the ReseacherID
  • Reporting errors in Web of Science and Scopus databases

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Author Identifiers

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