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Printing, Copying, Scanning and Binding Services

The following lines list the printing, copying, scanning and binding options within the library. Information about the printing and binding of theses can be found on the website of our university press.

I want information about printing and binding theses

Printing, Copying, Scanning

Self-service reprographic facilities (intended to copying, printing, scanning) can be used only by holders of a valid student’s card (or library card).

You can recharge your card with cash at:

  • U13 Restaurant cash desk (T.G. Masaryka 5555)
  • Recharging station behind the U13 reception desk (T.G. Masaryka 5555)
  • U13 Textbook and Souvenir Shop and TBU Library (T.G. Masaryka 5555)
  • Refectory Complaints Department (Štefánkova 2431)
  • U4 Refectory cash desk (Štefánikova 2431)
  • U5 Refectory cash desk (Nad stráněmi 4511)
  • U2 Cafeteria cash desk (Mostní 5139)

Please observe the opening hours intended to recharging indicated at each of the above mentioned places. The instructions on how to use the facilities are posted next to these. Should you require any other form of assistance, please ask any member of the Library staff. All the copies made are for personal use only. 


I want to print
I want to make a copy
I want to scan


  • Black and white copier/printer A4 format: CZK 1.20
  • Black and white copier/printer A3 format: CZK 2.40
  • Colour copier/printer A4 format CZK: 5.80
  • Colour copier/printer A3 format CZK: 11.60
  • Scanning is free of charge, the minimum price is CZK 5.80

Print jobs can be viewed via a web form


It is possible to have your documents bound at the information desk on the 3rd floor or in the university press (the ground floor, door no. 166 behind the cloakroom). The price depends on the size of a plastic comb:

  • 6 mm — 33 CZK
  • 8 mm — 35 CZK
  • 10 mm — 37 CZK
  • 12 mm — 41 CZK
  • 14 mm — 46 CZK
  • 16 mm — 49 CZK
  • 18 mm — 55 CZK
  • 20 mm — 57 CZK
  • 22 mm — 65 CZK

If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask our staff:

IT Specialist/Administrator

Tel: +420 576 034 818

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