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Accessing Book under Long-term Loan

According to the new regulation of TBU Rector, all employees are required to make their long-term loans accesible to other users of the library.

Instructions for obtaining book under long-term loan mode

  • You send the requirement using the library catalog — click the Request button next the book title (you must be logged in your account).
  • Library fund may not have any other copy of required title (either in-house, online or in open shelf collection).
  • The owner of the book is obligated to deliver the book to the library within 5 days after our notification – you will be informed by email.
  • The book is available for you in the study room for a period of 5 working days (only in-house).
  • Despite all the efforts of the library, it may happen that we can’t get the book. In this case we will notify you and discuss about continuation.
  • The service is provided for registered users only during the academic year (September–June).

We can also provide you with the information about the owner of the book – then it is possible to negotiate with the owner individually.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask our staff:

Accessing Book under Long-term Loan

Tel: +420 576 034 821

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