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Acquisition of Documents Intended for Employees

Purchase of specialized literature for the needs of the academic staff and of other TBU employees, the so-called long-term loans, is funded from the financial resources of departments or by projects and grants submitted by the TBU staff, i.e. not from the budget of the Library.

Steps necessary to be taken to purchase a book for a long-term loan:

  1. The employee has to find all important information about the relevant book (in order to avoid a confusion of books, above all in case of publications issued abroad), i.e. the author, book title, publisher, ISBN, the recommended price, year of publication – if available.
  2. The above-mentioned information and the employee’s name for the registration of the book as a long-term loan must be given to the person who enters purchase requisitions into the SAP system at the relevant department.
  3. After the purchase requisition has been entered into the SAP system, the requisition must be approved of by the relevant person in charge.
  4. The next steps are to be taken by the Library acquisition staff who order the required publication.
  5. After the book has been processed in the Library, the user is informed by-email about the book being available for collection.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask our staff:

Acquisition of Books in Czech

Tel: +420 576 034 907

Acquisition of Foreign Books

Tel: +420 576 034 903

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