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About Our Collections

Processing of New Items

Bibliographic records of all documents included in the TBU Library collections are processed in the Library catalogue in the KOHA system. The Library catalogue contains records of standard printed documents and of electronic information resources, records of publications intended for the Library and copies for the needs of the TBU staff. The catalogue includes records of books (monographs, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, textbooks, conference proceedings, handbooks, studies, yearbooks), journals, sound and audiovisual documents, diploma theses submitted in 2004 and earlier. Recently published diploma theses are stored in electronic format in the DSpace system.

Publications purchased for long-term loans are registered in the Library catalogue and become part of the Library collections, are subject to reviews, to replacement procedures, are returned to the Library and also borrowed via the inter-library loan service. After the publication has been processed by the Library, the users are informed by e-mail or by phone about the document being ready for collection. The user must present his/her chip card at the lending services desk in order to make a registration of a long-term loan. The loan period expires on a pre-set date depending on the termination of the contract of employment. The user must log in to the Library catalogue for an overview of all loans (long-term and regular) registered on his/her user account. Transfers of long-term loans between employees of the same department are allowed with the consent of both parties.

The purpose of the Library catalogue is registration of the Library collections. The catalogue enables search according to various criteria (e.g. author, title, subject) and browsing of access registers, it includes records of titles and of copies thereof, information on their location and availability.

On-line records of electronic publications contain a link to the full text accessible from computers in the TBU network or through remote access for TBU students and staff.

The user interface of the catalogue offers a number of additional functions. The catalogue records are enhanced with front cover views, links to contents, annotations, reviews, information on authors, citation records of documents and with other related information. The SFX technology is applied in the Library catalogue; this technology allows linking to other catalogues, databases or to web search engines.

The TBU Library creates and maintains records of documents according to internationally accepted standards and uses shared cataloguing, i.e. shares the records originated by other libraries and provides its own records to other libraries. The Library sends its records of documents to the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic and contributes to the Authority Database (AUT) administered by the National Library of the Czech Republic. Since 2010, the subject description has been provided also in English for the needs of international users.

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