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Author Identifiers


The ORCID ID is a persistent and unique identifier for the author / scientist. It uniquely identifies a person in a digital environment. ORCID ID helps the author to record and present the results of his scientific work (articles, projects, grant applications, etc.) in one place. Publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis, the Royal Society of Chemistry and others also recommend setting up the ORCID ID account.

Rector’s Decree RR/3/2019 states that each author employed at TBU in Zlín is required to have set an ORCID ID identifier for the purpose of reporting of the results of R&D and creative activities.


Advantages of ORCID Identifier

  • unique and persistent identification of the author / scientist
  • distinguishing an author from other authors with the same name
  • regular updates of the publication list through TBU automated imports
  • the possibility of linking with other identifiers, e.g. ResearcherID or Scopus Author ID
  • full control over your account even when you are no longer employed at TBU

How to register?

The authors may register for an ORCID identifier at Registration is free of charge. Immediately after filling in the required fields, the system will generate your personal ORCID ID (this is a number combination).

We recommend to register and sign in using author’s institutional account (using the same login information as for Stag). It’s up to each author what kind of information he/she fills in. Nevertheless, we recommend filling in:

  • a private e-mail address in the account settings, which makes it possible to access the account even if the author leaves TBU,
  • list the university among the employers.

Management of the list of publications by the TBU Library

The ORCID account also allows the author to present a complete list of author’s publications. The TBU Library offers to keep your list of publications in  ORCID continually updated with records that appear in Scopus and Web of Science through TBU automated imports (link to a one-time authorization process). We ask you to grant also authorization to a so-called trusted individual (librarian) due to technical reasons. With both types of authorization, the Library will be able to keep your publications list in ORCID always up-to-date. For more information, see our tutorial.

TBU Library manuals

Useful links — Scopus Author ID

Useful links — ResearcherID/Publons


What should I do if I have created multiple ORCID ID profiles?

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