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Our Collections

All the items that are stored in the Library can be found by means of our catalogue available at

Besides books, journals and newspapers, you can search the catalogue for some e-books, e-journals and final theses defended before 2005. Other electronic sources are available through the Information Resources Portal; newer final theses in the Digital library. More information about online resources: Licensed Resources.

The catalogue is publicly accessible through the Internet. Registered users can log in the catalogue in order to use the Library online services.

Using the Library catalogue

Searching for an item, checking its availability and locating it

By means of the catalogue you can find out whether the item you have selected is available in the Library; and if so, you can learn whether it can be borrowed and where it is located.

Extension of the loan period

The loan period of each borrowed item can be extended online through the Library catalogue after logging in into the user account. Renewal is not allowed if the document was supposed to have been returned, if the document has been recalled by other users or if the loan period has expired. The loan period starts to run on the date on which it is renewed, and that for the period for which the item is usually lent (see the document category). The items should therefore preferably be renewed by the end of the loan period.

Reservations, ordering books from the depository

You can reserve items that can be borrowed from the Library provided that all the copies of the given book have already been borrowed. Reservation limits are as follows: employees, students and Ph.D. students – a maximum of 5 reservations, others – a maximum of 3 reservations. Information on the items ready for collection is either sent by e-mail or is available in the list of your loans and reservations. The item you have requested will be reserved for you for 7 days.

In the event that the item has the status “30 days — storeroom”, it is necessary to place an order. The items are dispatched from the depository each working day till 4pm. The item is available within approx. 20 minutes of the order being placed. In the event that you order an item after 4pm, it will be available for you to collect the following morning. The order for an item is placed in the same way as a reservation.

Inter-library loan service

The inter-library loan service is a service provided through cooperation among libraries and can help you obtain materials which are not held in the TBU Library.

News service

The News Service regularly sends the lists of new titles based on requests entered in the Library catalogue. After your catalogue search, the system saves your request in the memory and starts to monitor new accessions. As soon as a new publication is issued, you will receive a message by e-mail. The user must be logged in to his/her user account in the Library catalogue in order to use this service. The user submits a request regarding his/her field of interest, then the results of the request are displayed, and the user activates the mentioned service in the upper right corner in the menu in the section News Service. The user completes his/her e-mail address and other data in the prepared form, selects how often to send information on new accessions. The system is very simple; currently the Library sends the lists of new titles by e-mail only. This service is quick and time-saving, as it is not necessary to repeatedly search for new accessions in the relevant field of interest.

Front Cover Views and Lists of Contents

If more than one title is found during the catalogue search, a small-scale front cover view is shown next to the book title. Please click on the picture to see the book’s list of contents (plus the annotation, if available). Please click on the picture to see more information about the book on the server The information involves – besides a large-scale front cover view – e.g. the book’s list of contents (plus tips on similar books, if available).

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