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Plagiarism Checking Service — CrossRef Similarity Check

CrossRef Similarity Check

As a member of PILA (CrossRef), TBU has the opportunity to use the CrossRef Similarity Check service (Turnitin iThenticate tool provided at a discount) to check plagiarism as part of the publication process of academic articles.

Who is the service for?

The Crossref / Similarity Check tool is intended only for university journal editors (TBU). The tool is used for anti-plagiarism control of manuscripts accepted by journals published by the university (the TBU system uses the journals Journal of Competitiveness (FAME) and Social Education (FHS)).

What publications can be checked?

  • scientific articles sent to journals
  • papers from conference proceedings
  • chapters from the book
  • books

Manuscripts that will not be published in university journals cannot be checked via Crossref / Similarity Check.

Duties of the editorial board

When using the service, the editorial board is obliged to follow the Terms of Service. A summary of the most important ones is given here:

  • Within 7 days of publication, publish the current metadata of the article in the CrossRef system, including a link to the full text.
  • Already published articles will be included in the service database so that it is possible to check whether new articles are not their copy. The editors must make> 90% of the journal content available for inclusion in the database. Inclusion in the database is the responsibility of Turnitin, the editors only need to make the full text available. If the journal is open access, it has to assign DOI to its articles (including already published content) and store links to the full text (e.g. PDF) in the metadata.
  • The editorial board is responsible for ensuring that members of the editorial board use the service only to check the plagiarism of articles that the journal publishes.

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