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The PlumX service is a modern tool for evaluating the real impact of research. Alternative PlumX metrics provide information about responses to a given publication faster than traditional metrics and show the impact of research outside the academic community. It track metrics of scientific research impact in five categories:

  • citations (Scopus, PubMed, CrossRef etc.)
  • usage (views, downloads)
  • mentions (blogs, news, Wikipedia references etc.)
  • captures (e.g. Mendeley)
  • social media (Facebook, Twitter)

Both the user and the author can monitor the impact and reflection of all types of publications (article, monograph, proceedings, video, poster, etc.) in real time.

Since January 1, 2020, the TBU has no longer subscribed to the full version of PlumX and has been using the service as a widget in the institutional repository.

Example of a widget in the TBU Repository of Publications

Example of a widget in the TBU Repository of Publications

Detailed record of the publication in PlumX

Detailed record of the publication in PlumX

If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask our staff:

PlumX service

Tel: +420 576 034 802

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