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K.UTB TOP Opening Hours

Opening hours of the library during June

Do you ask how we will and will not be during summer? So now, we bring you the information about the opening hours in June. The complete “summer” schedule will be posted as soon as possible.

Opening hours in June — Knihovna UTB Zlín

  • 3 June–7 June = ordinary opening hours 8.00–20.00, Saturday, June 8, open 8.00–14.00
  • 10 June–28 June = weekdays 8.00–16.00

Extended opening hours of the 4th floor

  • On Sunday, June 9 = the official end of extended opening hours
  • 10 June–30 June = extended opening hours will run in modified mode, info will get students directly to email. Extended opening hours will not work during summer. It starts again with the beginning of new semester.
    • MO—FR 4PM—8PM
    • SAT—SUN 8AM—6PM

Loans and books prolonged after June 1 will have a return date September 5. Use email if neccessary.

Library store

  • 3 June–28 June = Tuesday and Thursday 13.00–16.00

Use email if neccessary.


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